Flashlight POLICE TYPE 1101


 Main Features:


•Big Capability AC discharge circuit, high Voltage, good personal protection equipment.

•Super LED flashlight save energy more durable.


•Beautifully designed.

•Additional mode switch.




•Aircraft-grade aluminum, HA III anodic oxidation.




Use enclosed charger input 220-240V power

Power input DC 4.8V

Current: >2.5A

Size: 165 x 35 x 28 (mm)

Power output: 10000kV

Weight: 180g


Price of flashlight  $ 29,90 + $ 14,50 Shipping ( to any country).  Sending out the next day. Shipping time from Russia to any country 20-45 days. Shipping is provided by a Russian Post, then the postal service of your country. Shipping time depends on the country and seasonal load postal services. I'm sending an item by registered small package AVIA with a number for tracking. The package can be tracked on the website Russian Post:









For example:      Track (Bar code): RA000000000RU


We guarantee a full refund of your money within 14 days after receiving the goods, if the goods you do not like.


Please use following easy method of payment:


Secure on-line credit card transaction through PayPal


Payment only through PayPal. Including buyer protection. You get a discount -$5.00 for using the PayPal payment system. So first download a user manual and read it carefully. Make sure it's what you want.


       To place a secure, online order for FLASHLIGHT TYPE 1101 Police using a credit card, please click "Buy Now". Once your credit card is accepted, you will receive an email confirmation of the order. A track (Bar code) will be emailed within 48 hours.


If you have any problems ordering online, please let us know at info@policetorch.net or through the form on the page CONTACT


 D O W N L O A D


Download User Manual for Strong Light Flashlight For Police Type 1101:

Current release: V1.0

Size: 2.71 MB


Download file PDF


Download file RAR


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