Stun gun POLICE 1101 type light flashlight plus, manual in English
The road goes home through dark, troubled yards, alleys and entrances? Or you are attacked by a mad dog, or maybe on the road you have to deal with an aggressive driver? A drunken neighbor threatens you with violence? No problem! The flashlight – stun gun POLICE 1101 will come to the rescue. He is instantly put on alert, and for a moment he immobilizes the enemy! Flashlight – stun gun is perfect for tourism, fishing, cottages and as an irreplacea
The most powerful electric stun gun for self-defense
When choosing a personal protective equipment, such as an electric stun gun, all factors must be taken into account. After all, the tool must satisfy all your individual requirements, and the main thing is to protect you at the time of the attack. Most of all requirements for quality and energy performance. Consider domestic and foreign analogs, and find out which is the most powerful electric stun gun.
How to choose the right stun gun: tips and advice on the most important parameters
Due to high efficiency and the ability to choose a model for the given characteristics, stun gun have become especially popular today. Their relevance is explained by a combination of such important parameters as a sufficient size of an electric discharge that can quickly neutralize even a physically strong man and an aggressive dog, democratic value and usability: the ergonomics of the shape of the body of such a device allows it to be held firm